How to Make a Living on OnlyFans (as a Complete Beginner)?

How to Make a Living on OnlyFans (as a Complete Beginner)

OnlyFans has made it possible for thousands of people to establish a reliable source of income. Many people have figured out how to make a lot of money on OnlyFans. If you are thinking about becoming an online entrepreneur, then take a look at their monetization model.

All you need to do is create content, which will only become available for people if they are willing to pay for it. People upload their content there mainly in photo and video format. While 20% of your earnings go to OnlyFans, 80% of it is fully yours.

In this article, we are going to talk a bit more about how to make money on OnlyFans and share some important tips.

Is OnlyFans Only about Adult Content?

OnlyFans is often viewed as a website where people post adult content. Although you can find plenty of videos and pictures there that fall into the NSFW category, there are other categories as well. In fact, there are plenty of other ways to earn money there.

The thing about OnlyFans is that there is no rule against uploading adult content. On sites like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram, there are strict rules that prohibit you from uploading that kind of content. According to the content rules of OnlyFans, earning money with NSFW content is completely fine.

This is why people have quickly figured out how to make a lot of money on OnlyFans. They simply started posting sexually explicit content, knowing that there is a huge demand for it.

Of course, you still need to meet certain criteria, such as proving that you are at least 18 years old. Once you have done that successfully, your account is ready to be monetized. There are many successful members on the site whose content doesn’t fall into the adult category.

However, most of them have established their follower base on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Instagram. After all, OnlyFans was created in order to provide a place for successful people who want to share things with their own fans.

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An Ethical Way to Post Uncensored Content and Earn Money

OnlyFans is basically a live cam website where performers have all the control. They can live broadcast sexually explicit content if they want to. They can also sell uncensored videos and photos to their fans. It is a place where tipping and subscribing for regular content is allowed. Therefore, it is straightforward how to make money on OnlyFans.

The main difference here is that you don’t have as much control on a typical live cam website than on this one. You can cherry-pick your target audience and decide who has access to your content and who hasn’t. You don’t need to do anything you don’t feel like doing because you are the one who sets the pace.

How to make more money on OnlyFans? Make sure that your audience is having fun all the time. While you create your own content, you can interact with your fans all the time. From those fans, anyone who doesn’t respect your rules can be removed instantly.

Meanwhile, OnlyFans does its best when it comes to giving advice in case your content gets leaked to other websites. Thanks to their free legal services, you can instantly take action when someone steals your content.

During lockdown, it is no wonder that many people have registered an OnlyFans account. The content they upload and their live broadcasts can be sold to anyone who is interested. OnlyFans has become the main source of income for many content creators out there.

It is also a place for ethical porn, eliminating the need for any middlemen that would otherwise take a huge portion of the creator’s money.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Adult Content?

Although OnlyFans is flooded with users that make money by showing sexually explicit content, it is not the only way to make money there. You can easily find people who have built up a huge fan base in other categories. These include DIY, painting, sports, music, cooking, gaming and traveling, just to mention a few.

In short, you can make a living with just about any traditional niche as long as you are good at it. A great tactic to follow is to post regularly on Youtube, TikTok or Facebook and then post even more interesting content on OnlyFans.

If people are interested and want to delve deeper into a topic with you, they are going to pay for it. This is also a great answer to the often-asked question, which is how to make money on OnlyFans as a guy? Simply put, everyone can do it as long as it is entertaining or educative.

This is especially great for TikTok users, as you can only post 15-second videos there. If your fans want to see more, then give them the option to proceed to your OnlyFans. Youtubers can also start a Q&A there so that anyone can become a member who has an important question to ask.

In your own OnlyFans live broadcast, you can encourage viewers to tip and provide valuable content in return once a certain amount is donated. Not only that, but you can also send out PPV messages to your target audience. These messages arrive with a blurred picture and are price-locked. Your fans can’t open them until they pay the price.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans without Showing Your Face?

But how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face? In fact, you don’t have to show your face if your profile is all about your music, painting, makeup, singing or other skills. You can always provide something valuable without showing your face as long as you are good at that thing.

It is about providing value in return for the money of your audience. There is no need to show your face in certain types of sexually explicit content either. It just has to be well-thought-out and you also need to know how to entertain people without showing your face.

Figure out which one is the best niche for you and make sure to tell people in your bio that they are not going to see your face. Then, it is up to you to keep them engaged and make your content worth their money.

Build Your Popularity on Other Platforms, then Start Earning on OnlyFans

Many people who became successful on OnlyFans started building their popularity on other popular social media platforms. Their long-term plan was to establish a loyal audience by providing free content and then to redirect their viewers to OnlyFans for valuable extra content.

This way, content creators can make money on their own terms and also give their audience the opportunity to support them financially. Depending on their strategy, Youtubers and other influencers can significantly increase their income through OnlyFans.

How to make more money on OnlyFans? Another way to earn is to refer people to the platform through their program. You can popularize the website and show people how to be successful there. In return, you are going to get 5% of their monthly income.

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What Features does OnlyFans Offer for Creators?

Once you log in, you will be able to see that the OnlyFans interface is divided into different sections. These include: Posts, Photos, Videos, Audio, Likes and Fans.

This is basically the overview page from where you can easily share content with your audience. They also made it easy to post status updates so that your viewers know what you are about at the moment. Uploading any video, audio or imagery is also straightforward.

In order to get feedback from your viewers, you can create a poll and let them vote. The content you upload can be scheduled on the spot, making you able to upload every day without logging in. Setting up time-limited offers is also an option, as you can set the time for each post to disappear as well.

There are two ways to set up an OnlyFans account. One is to ask for a subscription fee, while the other is to sell your videos, photos and audio for a specified price. As long as subscription is free on your account, you can set an arbitrary price for any of your posts that have media content behind them.

You can even save your live streams and make them available to the public for a set price. If you got used to stories on Instagram and Facebook, then it is going to help you a lot. Just by being experienced at posting and content creation, you have already figured out how to make a lot of money on OnlyFans.

How to Create an OnlyFans Account and Start Earning?

Before you go through the account creation process, you need to decide how you want your audience to pay you. As we mentioned, OnlyFans can either be subscription-based or PPV (pay per view) with price-locked content. Once you have decided which one you want, you can’t change it.

Just like on Instagram or any similar platform, you need to come up with a username and a nice display name. Using the same display name that you have on other social media platforms is usually the best idea. As usual, the username will be at the end of the URL that leads to your profile, after the @.

It is limited because you can’t use spaces here. You can, however, make your display name look like however you want to. Profile customization is an important part of the process because it is how you can make your profile attractive for your viewers.

Find a good profile photo and a cover image and make sure to upload them to your OnlyFans profile. Now remember, this is not your typical social media platform, so don’t create a profile just because your friends have it. Random posting is not as popular there as it is on TikTok.

One of the main reasons why people create an OnlyFans account is to start earning money. In order to become successful on this website, you need to pick a niche. If you have experience with other platforms where you have already established a niche, then this is going to be easy for you.

In case you want to post sexually explicit content, you need to be careful. There shouldn’t be any nudity on your profile because everyone can see your profile picture and cover photo. Any account that posts nudity there gets banned.

The rest of it is all about marketing. You need to let people know who you are and what you have to offer by writing a great bio. Make your niche clear and ensure that your profile is attractive for your viewers. Making things clear is important because you need to let people know what they are about to pay for.

Add a Bank Account to Your OnlyFans for Payments

You may have already figured out how much your content will cost to your viewers. However, there is one more step you need to go through before you can actually set the prices. You need to set up a bank account on OnlyFans in order to get that payment gateway going.

This is also a verification process, as OnlyFans requires you to share your ID and other personal details with them. Once you have provided all the information and proved that you are at least 18 years old, you can add your bank account.

The options there include International Bank Transfer (SWIFT), Direct Transfer (VISA Direct) and Direct Transfer (OCT).

Set the Prices and Start Your OnlyFans Career

Depending on whether you chose the subscription model or PPV (pay per view), you need to set the prices. Think about a realistic subscription price depending on what you have to offer and your target audience. Subscription can be either free or you can set it to a minimum of $4.99.

By setting a price and doing a poll afterwards, you can figure out whether your prices are too high or not. After a bit of experimentation, the prices are going to settle. Don’t forget to take a look at other OnlyFans users in the same niche so that you can come up with competitive prices.

Obviously, if you create a subscription-based profile and you also post a lot, then the price should be higher. Just make it clear for your audience that you are going to create a lot of content. And that is how to make money on OnlyFans. As long as you provide good value, you are on the road to success.

Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out how to make a lot of money on OnlyFans.

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