What content sells best on OnlyFans?

What content sells best on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is an online platform created in 2016. The platform grew in popularity in the past years, the lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic being one of the main reasons. People got to spend much more time online during this period.

I am sure that many of us are familiar with the platform in one way or another, but have you ever wondered which content sells best on OnlyFans? Let’s find out!

Top content that sells best on OnlyFans

#1 Adult content

Number one on the list of best selling content is without a doubt the content created by Adult Models creators. In the past years, the way we perceive sex work has significantly changed. The creators have the freedom to post on their page what they want, how they want and when they want. 20% of their profits go to the platform and the rest remains with the creator. It might seem much, but many people see it as a platform that might help you become rich in no time.

Creators such as Bella Thorne, who said that she made about two million dollars in one week, support the same ideology. On OnlyFans the monthly subscription starts at $5 and grows up to $25, the creators have the freedom to set their own subscription.

When creating a page, the subscription is automatically set at 0, but it can be changed at any time. As far as the content that is being sold, the most income comes from selling photos or videos.

Within the Adult Models industry, there are also different niches, some creators choose to focus on particular fetishes and others choose to stay on the basic sexy photos side of sex work.

#2 Fitness content

Number two is occupied by fitness coaches. We all know that during this pandemic the gym’s were more closed than open, and being able to exercise is one of the most important factors that make the society today be what it is.

You can see the fitness creators as personal trainers for their fans. You can find content that is focused on workout routines, diets, yoga, stretching, anything that might cross your mind. You can even access personalised content for your needs, for which you are going to most probably pay an extra fee.

It is a great way to workout from the comfort of your home, especially if your favourite gym is affected by the virus.

#3 Social media influencers’ exclusive content

Social media influencers are number 3 in the top of best selling content on OnlyFans. The niche is self explanatory, OnlyFans being just another platform where influencers keep up with their followers.

Their followers base is most of the time already created with the help of other platforms. On OnlyFans, the Social Media Influencers are giving tips on different niches, updating their fans with their personal life, and being in contact with them altogether.

#4 Cosplay content

Cosplayers are positioned at number 4. Due to the rise of Social Media platforms, we discovered that dressing up as different characters is not only for the children, but many adults enjoy it as well.

There are creators that dress up as their favourite characters from video games, movies, animes and the list can go on. Some of the cosplayers are also belonging to the Adult Model niche, but some are not.

#5 Travel content

Travel bloggers claim number 5 in top best selling content on OnlyFans. Creators that are lucky enough to make a living from travelling.

They create content that includes personal travel experiences, they might give you advice of where you should go to, what you should eat in different countries, which hotels you should try and the list can go on. Consider them your personal tourist guide.

#6 DIY content

Another well sold niche is the niche of DIY bloggers. You can find them as number 6 in the top of the best selling content on OnlyFans.

Handmade articles have always been in trend, even if we talk about clothes, handbags, jewellery, interior decorations and designs or ideas of fun things you can do together with your kids. This is most probably an industry that will never have a shortage of followers.

#7 Beauty influencers’ content

Beauty influencers. This type of creators are very similar to the Social Media influencers, the difference being that the Beauty influencers are strictly focusing on the beauty sector. They provide tips and tricks on any situation that includes beauty. How to choose the perfect foundation, what type of skin you have, how can you establish a cleansing ritual based on your skin type, and the list of content that is being offered can keep going.

This is the top 7 best selling content on OnlyFans. Despite being seen as a platform mainly used for pornographical reasons, OnlyFans is actually offering a very wide content choice. You can follow your favourite Fitness coach, influencer or adult creator, all on the same app. I would say it’s a win-win.

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